Get 10% OFF all PT Packages

It is time to take your workout to the next step, whether losing weight or gaining muscles, let us help you reach your 2020 body’s goal.

Fitness24Seven offers you a very special offer to get you back on track with our experienced and certifired personal trainners who know exactly what you need to get the body and health you desire  –> Get 10% OFF all PT Packages.

10% Regular PT Packages

10% PT DUO Packages

Terms and Conditions:

👉🏼 This offer is valid to purchase from June 15 – July 15, 2020!!! 

👉🏼 You can purchase this offer at any Fitness24Seven branches during staffed hours 

👉🏼 You can buy this offer as a gift for your friends/family members/relatives that are not Fitness24Seven’s member(s) –> please bring them with you to claim this offer at our gyms

👉🏼 Your purchase can be used for the following days from the day of purchasing

  • 1 and 5 sessions – 1 month
  • 10 sessions – 2 months
  • 25 sessions – 5 months
  • 50 sessions – 10 months