Fitness24Seven 2.0

New furnishings, thoughtful navigation and smarter placement of equipment are just some of the things that are part of our new concept. Take your workout a step further and sweat with us – now even better and even better.

After 15 years in the industry, it was time for us to raise the bar to another level and set a new standard for our gym. In 2018, we launched our new fitness concept Fitness24Seven 2.0 to take your workout experience to the next level!

New design

Our 2.0 gym has a whole new look. From what color it is on the walls to how we directed the light in the halls, we are carefully selected to make your workout as comfortable as possible and to be an inspiring environment designed to increase motivation. The texture and colors are clear which makes it easy for you to find in the gym.

Smart location and navigation

Navigation is smart and smooth. With the help of pictograms, it is easy to orient yourself in the gym, no matter what language you speak.

Everything is connected in 2.0!

Machines and equipment are of the same high quality as before but have now been given a more thoughtful placement. The gym is divided into different zones depending on the type of exercise you are looking for. The zone is adapted to the training form, which means that the light and the materials differ.


X-court is our latest training innovation that was recently launched. This part of the gym is for those who like challenges. Here are a variety of innovative training tools that really challenge both your muscles and your brain. Test our challenged peg wall and practice some boxing on our boxmaster. Release your energy and give everything you have. We almost dare to promise that you will love it.

Modern technology

A 2.0 gym is neat, graphic and of course modern. On the walls you will find large TV screens that in a cool way show information about upcoming classes, events and changes. The lockers are also digital and are unlocked smartly with the help of the membership card.

The interactive wall

Modern technology mixed with training. Here you use a medicine ball to collect points in our digital game which is played directly on the wall. Choose whether you want to play yourself or with friends. Throw the ball at neon figures and see how the score increases. A perfect place to start or start your workout.

OCR path

Pick up your inner climbing monkey. In our challenging obstacle course, you get to crawl, climb, climb and jump. Get over the balance board, throw yourself in the rings and then climb over our rig. Take time and see how fast you progress – maybe you will end up on our scoreboard? Just your body sets boundaries, get started right away.