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Today, employees of all careers are at risk of various diseases or even Office Syndrome, which is popular and occurs to people of all genders and ages. Wouldn’t it be better if today employers can take part in supporting employees to be healthy, far away from disease, as well as developing personality by exercising and training at Fitness24Seven?

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Popular services

For us, the most important thing is that we find something that suits you and your company. Below are some examples of the most common services that we offer - if you do not find anything that suits you, contact us at and we will find a good solution!

Employee Gym Memberships

We offer monthly, yearly, and corporate ticket packages to meet the different and diverse needs of your organization and help you allocate your health benefits efficiently.

Personal Training

We offer personal training for corporate members at a special price. You will receive professional training and guidance from one of our certified trainers.

Group Training Sessions

Work out with your colleagues! An inspiring group training instructor will coach you through one of our many group training classes. Choose one of our existing classes or let us tailor one just for your company.

Whether your employees are a beginner or professionals, there is a class for them.


Increase knowledge and understand the principle of exercise with our seminars, designed specifically for corporate clients. Not only do we offer interesting health and wellness content, but we’ll do easy exercises with you and your employees during the talk, to inspire you to keep working out.

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