Rules and training regulations

Member rules and training regulations at Fitness24Seven Thailand (F24S)

The premises are intended for activities related to gym training and may be used by F24S members exclusively for these activities. In order for us to guarantee a comfortable and safe training environment for all our members, the member must follow the rules of conduct and training regulations given in this document and by our Staff along with our instructions given with the training equipment.

  • Please behave in a way that does not disturb other members or our Staff.

  • Training in Flip-flops or slippers is not permitted. You can store them in the locker during your workout, only training shoes should be used inside the gym.

  • Please wipe the machines after use with the paper and cleanser we offer at the facilities.

  • Make sure you put your equipment back to their own place after using them, so they are easily available for everyone.

  • Workout efficiently considering others, I.e., do not reserve equipment.

  • Taking pictures or videos of other people is forbidden in our facilities. Please make sure that other members or Staff are not visible in your pictures without their permission.

  • Please do not use magnesium in our facilities. This concerns also liquid magnesium.

  • You can store your belongings in the locker only during your workout. Please empty your locker when you leave the facility. The staff empties the lockers at regular basis and applies the current law regarding lost and found items.

  • When training between 10PM and 8AM, show extra consideration to possible neighbors at the property and other people in the vicinity of the premises. Talk with “normal’ conversational tone, do not drop the weights or weight machines without following along the movement.

  • Please keep your membership card easily reachable for possible membership checks.

  • Using or possessing alcohol, drugs, or other forbidden substances such as anabolic steroids at F24S facilities is forbidden.

  • Only Fitness24Seven staff and personal trainers are allowed to train our members in our facilities.

  • During COVID-19, F24S will only allow member with face mask to work out at F24S facilities according to government rules & regulation. Please always wear a mask when you’re working out at all branches of Fitness24Seven