Vision and mission

We lead people to a healthier life,
no matter who they are or where they live.


We lead people to a healthier life no matter who you are or where you live.

At Fitness24Seven we wish for everyone to have access to exercising. By running an international fitness business, with the ambition to always develop and expand, we open our doors 24 hours a day for training and exercise.


Our mission is to provide the best value option in the fitness industry in Europe, Asia, Central- and South America. We will do this through availability, hospitality, and functionality at an attractive price.

At Fitness24Seven we are proud to provide our members with access to exercise opportunities in five countries, on three continents. Accessibility to us means not only that we have gyms in several countries and are open 24 hours a day, but also that everything is included in our membership. This means that our member can work out at any of our gyms without extra costs and with no limitations on our group classes.

Hospitality is all about being friendly and welcoming to all our members, and we do this by putting all our focus on the members. We want our members to feel seen, heard and appreciated by all our coworkers. As a team we create the best workout environment, and we always aim for our members to leave with a positive impression of our gyms. 

As a continuation of our hospitality we always aim for our gyms to be functional. This refers to our machines, weights, dressing rooms, etc. always working without issues. It should be easy, stress-free and fun to work out with us, and we work on achieving this goal continuously.

Our attractive price is something we're incredibly proud of and it's always been important to us to show that exercise and healthy living is meant for everyone, that's how we chose our price. Our members should feel that we have a generous offer, with inclusive group classes, gyms in many locations and open 24/7, but we also want to ensure that it's at an affordable price.

Combined, this makes sure our gyms are competitive in the marketplace. Even more-so, our competent workforce enhance our competitiveness by contributing to healthy lives and a fun and social workout environment.

Our Values

At Fitness24Seven we want to contribute to better health on our members terms. We want everyone to have the possibility to work out anytime they want, as close to their home or place of work as possible - at an attractive price.

The tempo is high, but primarily it's a social, progressive and driven environment. We aim to always improve on what we consider to be the best workout concept, and together we set ambitious goals that we work hard to achieve.

Our values define how we work within our company and can be considered Fitness24Seven's core. When we interact with our colleagues or members our values help us grow. Our shared approach allows us to attract new colleagues around the world.

Longterm thinking

We believe all decisions should be made while thinking longterm, even if it hurts the short term economic gains. Fitness24Seven is here to stay and we take decisions based on this reality. Our company is build on fundamentals that allow us to help people lead healthier lives, and a healthy life never happens overnight.

On the memeber's terms

Everything starts and ends with out members, therefore we continuously evaluate our performance and how we can make our members even happier. The best workout environment is created together with out members, so we always put our focus on the members first.

Learning organization

We're a learning organization that actively evaluates our business to create room for improvement. It's by learning that we evolve into the future. We see lessons learned as a key to growth and continued competitiveness in the fitness industry.

Cooperation makes the team

We support each other and believe in what we are trying to achieve together. When we cooperate between departments it allow us to use our unique competences and makes us more efficient, but also allow us to understand each other and to learn and develop together.

Social responsibility

At Fitness24Seven we want to contribute to creating healthier and better lives for all and make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. We want to create change.